How I Started To Make Money Blogging


People often ask me if you can really make money blogging and the answer is yes! You just have to know where to start.  I started blogging back in 2009 and was using a free account on Blogger and doing mainly product reviews and some sponsored posts. After a few years I realized I was not getting anywhere and getting frustrated.

Then I came across Lisa’s book, I think I had read about it in a blog post similar to this. It wasn’t until I bought Lisa Cash Hanson’s book GET FAMOUS that I realized that I was going about everything all wrong.  Yeah I was getting products to review and giveaway and making a few Ad sales but I really wanted to take it to the next level. If this sounds like you then keep reading.

If you want to learn how to make money blogging or if you are a blogger who really is not making much money like I was then I would suggest you get Lisa’s Book at the very least as it’s full of valuable information and its a great investment at only $17.95! I am sure you spent money on all kinds of other products that promised to make you money and were disappointed but I am pretty sure you will not be with this product.

Here is a quick video Lisa made about her book, check it out then go grab your book here.


If you are a current blogger and want to learn how to get Media Attention for your blog you can check out her product “Pitch the Media Like a Pro. Lisa has been featured on Yahoo, The Wall Street Journal, AOL and more!

Pitch The Media


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      Thank You Lisa! You have been and continue to be a great Coach and I enjoy being part of your Inner Circle.

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