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Turbo-Charge Your Savings!

Everybody wants to save more money. It doesn’t matter whether you need to save up for your kids’ college educations, you want to pad (or start) a retirement account, or you simply feel better having the heftiest rainy day/emergency fund possible. What matters is that you commit to a savings plan and grow that account as much as you can.

There are lots of “big” ways to do this, via investments and passive income and other methods. Today let’s look at some of the (seemingly) small things that you can do.

Play With Your Budget

If you don’t already have a budget for your household, now is the time to start one. Once you have your budget set up, inflate the amount you’re setting aside for your expenses by 10%. This will give you some wiggle room in case something costs more than you think it will. And, if not, (with the exception of the amount you’re putting toward your debts) you can put the amount “left over” into your savings account.  For example, let’s say you’ve budgeted $150 for gas but only spent $90. That’s an extra $60 for your savings account!

The trick here is not to see that extra 10% as available money. Your goal should still be to come in as far under-budget as possible every month.

Reduce Your Discretionary Spending

The key to coming in under budget is to spend as little as possible. There are lots of ways to reduce your spending that won’t make you feel like you have to give up the things that you love.

The library is your friend. Libraries aren’t just for physical books anymore. Now you can borrow eBooks, movies, music and–in some branches–games. “Shop” here before you shop elsewhere. Lots of libraries also have free movie nights, lecture series and other entertainment for those nights when you just need to get out of the house for a while.

Cheap entertainment doesn’t have to feel cheap. There are so many ways to reduce what you spend on things like going out to dinner, seeing movies, going to concerts, etc. For example, volunteer to take tickets or sell merch for bands you love in exchange for the cost of admission. Join rewards clubs and mailing lists for your local theaters, so you can learn about opportunities for free screenings.

Reduce Your Fixed Expenses

If you’re not under a contract with your cable and cellular companies, try negotiating down your rate or shopping around for new providers. For example, do you actually use all of the movie channels you’re convinced you need? Do you actually use a ton of data every month or would a limited data plan still give you plenty of freedom?

This can even work with your utility bills, if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with a deregulated energy industry. In states like Illinois and Texas, residents can shop around for their power company the way they’d shop around for a car or anything else. Check out comparison shopping sites like to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Once you know that you’ve got the lowest rate available in your neighborhood, it’s time to reduce your energy and utility consumption:
Use less water. This isn’t just a good way to save money, it’s also eco-friendly (important since a lot of the country is dealing with droughts right now)! Military showers (where you only run the water to wet your skin and rinse off soap), collecting rainwater, redoing your landscaping, etc–all reduce your water bills.

Use less power. During the warmer months, you can line-dry your clothing. Turn off lights, switch to solar chargers, wear sweaters, use fans instead of AC, grill your food instead of roasting it, etc. There are lots of ways to reduce your energy consumption and, by extension, your power bill.

Dealing With Debt

One of the most popular schools of thought when it comes to debt and budgeting says that, when you finish paying off one account, to take the monthly payment you’d been sending to that debt and distribute it evenly across the others. This helps you pay down those debts even more quickly and doesn’t wreak havoc on your budget.

If you’re trying to aggressively pad your savings account, though, we’re going to suggest something different. Put 50% of that payment into your savings account and then distribute the other 50% across your remaining debts. This way you’re accomplishing both goals.

There are lots of ways to reduce what you spend and increase your savings without having to get third jobs or live a life of destitution. These are just some of them.

What are some of the things you’ve done to save more money?

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5 Ways to Save Money on Organic Foods

Save Money on Organic Foods

Want to save money on organic foods? I have a lot of people ask me how they can save money on organic food. While organic food is more expensive you can definitely save money and make it very affordable. I put together a list of different ways you can save below, be sure to leave a comment on how you save money!

1. Coupons: My favorite and easiest way to save on organic food is to use coupons. You can find a lot of coupons online at sites like, & You can also search our Coupon Database. Just type in the word or brand you want a coupon for and it will populate the results and tell you where to find that coupon! You can even just type in “organic” and it will bring up different organic brands and coupons like in the example below:Organic Coupons

Stores like Whole foods have a bunch of coupons in store (look by the door usually and you will find the Whole Deal Value Guide filled with Coupons) and online here and what’s great is that you can combine them with manufacturer’s coupons to get an even better deal. Go right to the source! You can also check out the website of your favorite organic brand to look for coupons. Or even write to your favorite brand and tell them how much you love their products and usually they will mail you coupons. If you are new to couponing be sure to check out our Coupon Series to learn more.

Also check out money saving apps like iBotta & Savingstar to get cashback on your organic and regular purchases!

2. Grow your own food: Have a green thumb? Consider starting a garden. If not you can always buy or barter fresh organic food from neighbors and friends! Lots of people who have gardens often have lots of extra fruits and veggies that they end of giving away or even throwing away!

3. Shop in season: Usually seasoned foods are on sale if you buy them then freeze them you will save money. Markets will usually have those one or two items that are on deep discount, they usually use those items to drive people into the store. Buy lots and freeze them to save money.

4. Shop Online: Stores like ePantry (get a $10 Credit & Free Gift), Vitacost and Abe’s Market have coupons and if you stock up when they have sales you can save a lot of money. You can also find deals right on Amazon!

5. Buy the “Clean Fifteen” non organic and the “Dirty Dozen organic to save money. The Enviornmental Working Group ( put together a Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides & Produce which lists a dozen fruits & veggies you should always buy organic and a list of 15 that you can get non-organic if needed.  Thanks EWG for this awesome list, I have it handy at all times!

Dirty Dozen:

  1. Apples
  2. Peaches
  3. Nectarines
  4. Strawberries
  5. Grapes
  6. Celery
  7. Spinach
  8. Sweet bell peppers
  9. Cucumbers
  10. Cherry tomatoes
  11. Snap peas – imported
  12. Potatoes

*******Hot Peppers + & Kale / Collard greens + (added)

Clean Fifteen:

  1. Avocados
  2. Sweet Corn
  3. Pineapples
  4. Cabbage
  5. Sweet peas frozen
  6. Onions
  7. Asparagus
  8. Mangos
  9. Papayas
  10. Kiwi
  11. Eggplant
  12. Grapefruit
  13. Cantaloupe
  14. Cauliflower
  15. Sweet potatoes

Go ahead and signup at and get a PDF List. They also have an App you can download on your phone so you can have it handy at the store!

Dirty Dozen


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Aspartame Free Mints and Gum #KICKASPARTAME

I first want to thank PUR for sending me samples of their new PUR Mints before they hit store shelves! I actually did not even know about aspartame until I discovered this product. I am always looking for healthy products to try and this one looks like a great product for lots of people. Its Naturally Sweet, Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Nut & Soy Free and Diabetic friendly! I really liked all the flavors but the Mojito Lime Mint was by far my favorite!!

If you want to give them a try I have an exclusive coupon code for Esavingsblog readers to save $10 off your order. Plus they are giving away 2 FREE bags of PUR Mints and free shipping with every order over $29.99! You choose your preferred flavors and they will include it with your order. Use Coupon Code” ESAVE10” for $10 toward your purchase!


How can you get the most out of this awesome promo?

To receive your two free bags of mints, simply select the items you wish to purchase and proceed to the CART page. If your order is above $29.99, before checking out, please select your TWO preferred flavours of mints you wish to receive located above the CHECKOUT button. That’s it! Make sure to also include your exclusive savings coupon for $10 off, use code: ESAVE10. 

Checkout the sample order below I added two Gum Bundles (8 packs total) and a tray of 12 mints (PLUS the two you get free for spending $29.99). Thats a total of 22 products shipped to your door for only $30.68 so just $1.39 a pack!



There are so many different scenarios that is just one so take a look around the PUR GUM site and let me know what you get. Thanks and please share this with your friends so they can save too!





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Save Money on Baby Products, New Huggies Rebates!

Baby Rebates

Baby products can get very expensive, especially diapers! Right now you can get additional rebates on your baby purchases using Ibotta. New to Ibotta? Ibotta is the app that saves you money by giving you additional rebates on products you are already buying. Check out some of the new baby rebates…..

Little Movers Diapers 

Little Snugglers Diapers

Snug & Dry Diapers

Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes

Baby Wipes

Ibotta has a bunch of new Grocery, Health & Beauty, Office and Apparel Rebates as well, check out some of them below:

New Grocery Rebates

BUSH’S® Beans
Any variety – 8 oz. can or larger – earn $0.50

Cargill Fresh Turkey Patties
Honeysuckle White® Seasoned Fresh Turkey Patties – 16 oz. package – earn $1.00
Shady Brook Farms® Seasoned Fresh Turkey Patties – 16 oz. package – earn $1.00
*Only available at select retailers, check for details!
BONUS: Earn an extra $1.00 when you redeem the Honeysuckle White® Seasoned Fresh Turkey Patties rebate or the Shady Brook Farms® Seasoned Fresh Turkey Patties rebate twice. Bonus applies only to rebates purchased after 06/16/2015

Danimals® Smoothies – Any variety – 12 ct. pack – earn $1.25
Oikos® Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Any variety – 4 ct. pack – earn $1.25
Light & Fit® Greek Nonfat Yogurt – Any variety – 4 ct. pack – earn $1.00
Light & Fit® Nonfat Yogurt – Any Greek or Non-Greek variety – 32 oz. tub – earn $0.75
Activia® Yogurt – Any variety – 12 ct. pack – earn $1.25
All Natural Yogurt or Dannon® Oikos® Yogurt – Any variety – 32 oz. tub – earn $0.75
*Only available at Target!

JENNIE-O® Turkey Breast Sticks
Any variety – 6 ct. box – earn $1.00
*Only available at select retailers, check for details!

Teatulia® Organic Teas
Any variety – 16 ct. canister – earn $1.00
Any variety – 30 ct. canister – earn $1.00
*Only available at select retailers, check for details!

Any variety – 11 oz. package – earn $0.75

Ball Park®
Any variety – 7 ct. – earn $1.25

Challenge Cream Cheese
Any variety – 8 oz. container – earn $0.50
Salsa variety only – 8 oz. container – earn $0.50
Strawberry variety only – 8 oz. container – earn $0.50
*Only available at select retailers, check for details!

New Apparel Rebates

White House Black Market
Spend $75 at White House Black Market, Earn $10

Fruit of the Loom®
Fruit of the Loom® Women’s Flexible Fit Panties – Any Color – earn $2
Fruit of the Loom® Women’s Breathable Panties – Any Color – earn $2
*Only available at select retailers, check for details!

New Home & Office Rebates

Any variety – Any size – earn $0.75

Finish® Detergent – Any fragrance – 23 ct. bag or larger – earn $1.00
Finish® Jet Dry® – Any fragrance – 8.45 oz. bottle or larger – earn $1.00
*Only available at Walmart!
BONUS: Earn an extra $1 when you redeem 2 or more of the following Finish rebates, exclusively at Walmart. • Finish® Max in 1® Detergent • Finish® Jet Dry® Rinse Aid Bonus applies only to rebates purchased after 06/16/2015

Palmolive® Ultra Dish Soap – Any variety – 25 oz. bottle – earn $0.50
Palmolive® Eco+® Gel Dishwasher Detergent – Citrus Apple Splash or Lemon Splash™ varieties – 75 oz. bottle – earn $0.50
*Only available at Walmart!

Walmart Grilling Solutions
Ziploc® brand bags, Tyson® Chicken Breast Tenderloins, & Lawry’s® Marinade – Combo rebate. See rebate details. – earn $4.00
*Only available at Walmart!

New Health & Beauty Rebates

Dial® For Men
Any body wash 16 oz. or larger or any bar soap 6 ct. or larger – earn $1.00

Banana Boat® Triple Defense Sunscreen for Men
Any spray or lotion variety – 6 oz. bottle or larger – earn $2.00
*Only available at Walgreens!

Ready to save extra money with Ibotta rebates? You can join free here.


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$1.00 OFF Fisher® NUT EXACTLY item

Hurry on over and save $1.00 OFF Fisher® NUT EXACTLY item! Grab your coupon here (not a mobile coupon).

What is Fisher Nut Exactly?

  • It’s not exactly almonds. It’s not exactly popcorn. It’s not exactly milk chocolate. It IS exactly every snack you’ve always wanted. It’s Fisher® NUT EXACTLY™ Snack Bites!
  • 15 to 16 delicious calories per snack bite and available in four delicious varieties:
  • Almond Popcorn Dipped in Milk Chocolate
  • Almond Popcorn Dipped in Dark Chocolate
  • Pecan Popcorn Dipped in Salted Caramel
  • Peanut Popcorn Dipped in Peanut Butter

Have you tried them? If so leave a comment below and let us know how they are.



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New Ibotta Rebates Added!


Don’t forget to grab all your ibotta Rebates! They have great new rebates available now from Huggies, Seventh Generation, GLAD and more! Not familiar with ibotta? Ibotta is an app that gives you cash back for shopping. You can unlock rebates right from the Ibotta App on your phone. The best part for me is I use coupons already to save on the products I buy and then if there is a rebate on the same item it’s a double dip in savings!

1. Download the App
Download the Ibotta app here, available on iOS and Android. The app is required to submit a receipt.

2. Unlock Rebates
Before you go shopping, unlock cash rewards on great products by completing simple tasks.

3. Go Shopping
Buy the products you’ve unlocked at any supported store.

4. Verify Your Purchases
Scan your product barcodes, then submit a photo of your receipt.

5. Get Cash
You’ll have the cash deposited into your Ibotta account within 48 hours.

Below are just a few of the new rebates available. The $1.50 rebate on SUPERCANDY could make it free! A lot of store have the SUPERCANDY for about $1.49 so go ahead and unlock your rebate under the store you are going to buy it from and then upload your receipt after. Super easy and one of my favorite apps to use. Let me know what deals you score in the comments below.

iBotta Rebates




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Free Smart Ones Smoothie!


Today’s SavingStar Freebie is a Smart Ones Smoothie! If you are not using SavingStar then you are really missing out! It’s probably one of the easiest ways to get Free Stuff and earn cash on stuff you already buy! Earn cash back at the grocery store with nothing to clip or print. You can redeem their grocery offers by linking them to your supermarket and drugstore loyalty cards or by submitting a picture of your receipt.

SavingStar is the first national, fully digital, grocery eCoupon service, available for free online and on iPhone and Android mobile apps! I have it on my phone and its easy to add deals to my shopping list even when I am at the store! Love how easy it is to use.

Want to learn more about SavingStar? Check out the video below.

Its simple and easy, sign up for Free here.


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My Friend Cayla Review

My Friend Cayla

I was excited to get to review the My Friend Cayla Doll from Genesis Toys. My Friend Cayla is not just a traditional doll – she has a Bluetooth powered, secured search engine that makes her interactive! Cayla was sent to me and I reviewed her with my niece.  Before we get into my review take a look at this video about My Friend Cayla and all the great things she can do. I showed my niece this video before the doll was shipped to me and she was super excited and couldn’t wait for her to get here. Take a look and see for yourself.

My Review: My first impression was that she was very well built and a great size. She looked exactly like the pictures and the video and she was pretty easy to setup. I used an iPhone to install the Cayla app that is needed to work with her and make her interactive but you can use a tablet as well. They had a video on how to activate bluetooth on my iPhone and how to install her batteries and turn her on. The instructions were super easy to follow especially the video and only took me about 10 to 15 minutes to get her up and running.

My Friend Cayla

My niece seen above with the My Friend Cayla Doll really liked her new doll and was able to easily ask her questions and talk with Cayla. She did have to ask her questions sometimes twice but Cayla was very talkative and really had lots of things to say. I really loved that My Friend Cayla was able to read my niece a story that was on the app and also play games like Tic Tac Toe and Match Game with her! My niece played both games with her and it was really fun with no technical issues at all! I also like that her hair can be done and she can fit any 18″ doll clothes and shoes because my niece loves to do her hair and change her clothes and it makes Cayla fun even when she is not “online”.

If you want to get a My Friend Cayla Doll, which I think would make a great Christmas gift this year, she will soon be at Walmart, Target, Amazon and BJ’s Wholesale starting August 3rd so be on the lookout! 

Thank you Genesis Toys for letting me try out My Friend Cayla first!

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